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Did you know that human beings memorize 3% of what we see, 5% of what we hear and 35% of what we smell?

The objective is clear, through an attractive aroma, we try to bring customers to your store and once they are inside make your stay as pleasant and lasting as possible. People spend more time in places with pleasant smells, sweet and polished, which are the ones that attract more attention, than those that smell nothing.

Regarding the intensity of the aroma we can say that it must be graduated, that is, they must have much more force in the entrance of the store than in the interior, that the aroma leaves the store, the street, in front of the premises, that the passer-by perceive that essence. And when entering in your store the intensity changes, decrease because the goal changes and what is important is the retention of consumers and not get their attention.

Another factor that influences the choice of a perfect aroma is the sector of your business, varies considerably from one to another. It is not the same the aroma destined for example for a clothing store that for a hotel. The objective pursued by each is different. The first is to attract and retain, and the second is to relax, to make the stay more comfortable and pleasant.

The choice of a good aroma, in addition to subtly inviting the consumer to enter the establishments and improve their experience, are useful to establish the brand image of a company. It is estimated that an aroma remains in our memory just over two years, while an image, such as a logo or a product disappears, in a generic way, within a few weeks. It is a good way to settle the corporate image, because it is played with memories that awakens a specific smell.

Recognize the scent of your company with our Scent Marketing Solution.