Free Wifi – Social Wifi

Free Wifi – Social Wifi

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The Wifi connection, according to the latest research, is one of the technologies that have the greatest potential to boost sales and generate brand loyalty. The social Wifi, also called Wifi Marketing, offers many possibilities for businesses of all kinds and from multiple sectors.

Any person, who is in the coverage area of your Wifi and who has a mobile device, can connect to it. Keep in mind that more and more people are looking for free Wi-Fi connections to surf the Internet, therefore we have the opportunity to offer a free connection and, through it, take advantage of our products or services .

The operation is fast and simple. The client who arrives at the establishment, only has to search the network of the same and select it. To connect you will not have to enter long passwords, you just have to identify yourself with one of your social profiles (Facebook, Twitter).

What benefits do we get?

It is an equally beneficial marketing tool for the client as well as for the business:

  • The client obtains access to a secure and free WiFi network, thus saving the use of their mobile data. In addition, receive coupons and offers in real time and other incentives. All without having to download any app.
  • The business, meanwhile, obtains from the client information of great value (name, email, age, gender) that can be used in its marketing campaigns and newsletters. With this, it manages to improve the customer’s shopping experience and obtain their loyalty and commitment.

In short, the social Wifi allows you to connect with your customers quickly and easily and offer them a personalized digital experience. It is, for many, an authentic revolution of the digital experience to win customers.

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