Proporcionamos experiencias de compra inolvidables

Omnichannel Customer Experience

It is changing the way we communicate, inform us, entertain us, and also our way of buying. We are not only end consumers, we are a new generation of consumers, omnichannel consumers and consequently our customers are also omnichannel consumers.

To achieve this it is necessary to establish an integrated omnichannel strategy and Altabox can help you.

Music and Messaging for Business

How can consumer behavior be conditioned through music?

A resource of great value that undoubtedly influences in order to offer memorable shopping experiences is a good musical environment in your store. It is necessary to design a customized musical setting for each type of business.

Video Solutions

Video marketing is an incredible way to create content that is personal and has a real impact on your audience.

Trust our video solutions to make your strategy a success.

Integrated Digital Signage

With our Digital Signage Solution in addition to taking advantage of a single visual point to perform multiple functions aimed at generating value, since being dynamic, it captures the attention of the customer in an efficient way

Thanks to our Digital Signage Solution, displays become intelligent digital displays, a powerful tool that provides great benefits.


Did you know that human beings memorize 3% of what we see, 5% of what we hear and 35% of what we smell?

Recognize the scent of your company with our Scent Marketing Solution.

Free WiFi - Social WiFi

Ask us about our solutions in Wifi Social, an authentic revolution of the digital experience to win customers.

Retail Analytics

For all retailers, knowing precisely their customers and their customer journey in their establishment is a key element for the design of their commercial strategies. Altabox offers solutions to measure, analyze and optimize the store experience in order to improve engagement and increase sales.

Queue Management

That the shopping experience is memorable is a clear and omnipresent objective in the sector. For this to be the case, among multiple pillars, we must have an integrated queue management system.

Field Service

To ensure that the implementation of our solutions is perfect, Altabox is committed to an exceptional assistance service.