PSA is changing the customer experience with Altabox´s customer guidance solutions

PSA is changing the customer experience with Altabox´s customer guidance solutions

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The French car multinational PSA Retail with brands such as Citroën, Opel or Peugeot, PSA retail, has seen how its customer service strategy in the after-sales services of its car dealers has improved significantly. A pending issue for the French manufacturer that had shown the need to update the schedule, welcome and shift management service both in its own dealers and in franchisees.

PSA entrusted the problem to Altabox Econocom, which after analyzing the customer journey process implemented the solution through its BeWin platform. BeWin is a complete customer service management system developed by Altabox that allow retailers to digitize an analog process and provide it with data to track their efficiency and improve customer satisfaction and experience.

This solution is helping PSA in some customer journey areas:

  • Managing the appointment by synchronizing the PSA appointment calendar
  • Welcome and identification (onboarding): BeWin interactive kiosks have been installed from which the customer identifies and / or registers for their attention. In this way there is a constant monitoring of waiting times and the care process that you will receive
  • Digital communication management (digital signage): through screens located in the service area, the client can follow the evolution of the shifts, and also receives digital content of services and commercial nature. This communication on screens is carried out thanks to the fact that BeWin is integrated with the content management CMS Kentia, owned by Altabox Econocom.
  • Data: the data management module of the BeWin tool has been implemented. With them, PSA can analyze the customer experience and improve the service process.

So far the project has 20 dealers equipped at the end of last year in Spain. At the beginning of this 2020 a third phase of the project has been launched in which at least 10 additional car dealers will be equipped.

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